Stylefile Q&A

Where do you draw your architectural inspiration from?

From the work of Le Corbusier and the Brazilian architect Oscar Neimeyer: Neimeyer's work prescribed to the aesthetic and social principles of modernism, but it also has a poetic quality.

Is there anything that you wish you had designed?

Oscar Neimeyer's own house in Rio de Janeiro would be one thing - the other is the Lunar Lander.

What would your dream house be?

Well of course a house relates to its content, so ideally my dream house would be spread over two different sites. One would be intensely urban, while the other would be in some forsaken landscape! As far as materials go you can't go past the pavilion, made from steel, glass and concrete.

What is your favourite piece of furniture at home?

My Nogchi coffee table. I love it for its perfect combination of art and function.

And your favourite artwork?

Of course the most recent thing you've bought is always your favourite. In my case it's a painting, a realist Chinese portrait by Andre Sampson, I also like a large painting that I bought a few years ago from a United student.

Besides architecture, what are you passionate about?

Travel and painting, I love the immediacy of painting. With architecture, the results of your labours come to fruition some time after Ou've finished the design, but with painting it's all right there in front of you.