1 Belmont

Playful manipulation of geometry

Located on the fringe between a 'historic' residential one, zoning and business use, the urban site is 5.5 metres wide and 38 metres long. The site holds one of two identical and very dilapidated, side-by-side gabled worker's cottages.

This concept explored manipulating the pre-existing form in an architectural play. An origami fold in the bilateral axis of the gable facade insinuates a 'slippage' in the street's historic character. Replicated in the ground condition, the origami fold opens the possibility of integrating another level into the pre-defined envelope. The entry is dislocated from the traditional central position, and the outward slippage, folding the facade out to the line of the original verandah, provides for a stair linking all the vertical functional zones. The materiality of the precondition was referenced but not replicated, and the treatment of the fenestration further enhanced the geometric play of the slippage.

Deeper into the building, the various constraints of the site inform the design. The living is on the middle level, the parking below and a bedroom loft above. A single pavilion is spaced from the gabled form, creating a courtyard and a separate functional block incorporating an office and guest bedroom. The connection between the two areas creates an axis and a view line through to a second grass courtyard at the rear of the site.

Belmont 2
Belmont 3
Belmont 4
Belmont 6
Modernist floating concrete stair with steel structure support
Belmont 5
Belmont 7
Bespoke concrete cast letter box
Belmont 8
Belmont 9


Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand


  • Daniel Marshall


  • Ernie Shackles


  • NZIA – Auckland Branch Award


  • Metro Home & Entertaining
  • New Zealand Architecture | 2007
  • Môjdom