Housing a classic car collection

Situated on the edge of the ancient crater that embraces Ōrākei Basin, the dwelling has extravagant views of inner Waitematā Harbour and Auckland City.

The brief was very specific, with garaging a number of classic cars a primary concern. Daniel's design response wraps the garaging around a central 'pergatoria' - a term the Italian architect Terragni coined for an entry courtyard. The garage doors are detailed to disappear into the adjoining cedar exterior. This area also incorporates the entry, conceived as a three-level atrium, enticing the visitor up to the living level to reveal the views of the Auckland landscape beyond. The curved edge of the infinity pool echoes the form of the Ōrākei basin and draws the sea view closer to the house.

The aesthetic and detailing of the house are intentionally quietly sophisticated, using a limited palette of materials. A number of bespoke items designed specifically for the house by the architects enhance the glamour of the setting - these include a chandelier with hand-blown glass spheres by Katie Brown, a front door handle crafted by David White and the panels behind the dining table painted by Daniel Marshall.

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"Daniel is a visionary. Each of his buildings has it’s own unique identity. He positioned our property perfectly on the existing piece of land and kept to our brief such that the house appears to meld into its surroundings and yet be on a grand scale… The result is a home that fulfils all our needs and more. It is a pleasure to live in and I would highly recommend this firm and its architects to anyone."
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Ōrākei Basin, Auckland, New Zealand


  • Daniel Marshall
  • Nick Sayes
  • Emrana Sikder
  • Cameron Pollock
  • Tomek Marchewka


  • Emily Andrews
  • Patrick Reynolds
  • Ernie Shackles


  • Haus & Auto