Upland Road

Mid century home in Remuera.

The recently subdivided site in Remuera had an unusual road frontage tucked below Upland Road and serviced by a feeder alleyway. The clients had three boisterous teenage boys and were after a family home with separate living areas for the boys and identical bedrooms to avoid squabbles.

Our approach to the site was to arrange the house across an L-shape, with one edge of the "L" protecting the main outdoor area against the busy road. The upper level, accommodating the living room and main bedroom, is reached by ascending a half flight of stairs through the front garden inspired by Palm Springs—the upper level takes advantage of the views towards the tree-filled valleys and city skyline. Gently sloping down from the alley, the lower level houses the garage, identical bedrooms and ensuites for the children, and the kid's den. The L-shaped arrangement formed a protected north-facing courtyard that houses the pool and outdoor living areas and an outlook for interior rooms.

The form and materiality of the house were deliberately low-key, with a sculptural play between the two materials, pre-cast concrete and black-stained cedar. Toward the street, the roof gestures upwards, and clerestory windows allow the morning light to flood across the ceiling deep into the house while protecting the privacy of those within. The ceiling is lined with timber acoustic panels to mitigate sound refraction from the beautiful but acoustically bouncy polished floors.

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Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand


  • Daniel Marshall
  • Shiqi Shelley Lin
  • Nick Veint


  • Simon Devitt
  • Ernie Shackles